With the advent of .NET that has changed. No matter which programming language you use, you will have access to the same rich collection of classes and functions provided by the .NET Framework. This means that it really doesn’t matter which language your programs are written in. Whether they were written in C#, J#, VB, or some other .NET language. You only have to glance at some C# and VB .NET code to see some of the obvious differences.

What we offer:

  • Introduction of Microsoft.Net
  • Usage of .Net
  • D.N.A, N-tier Architecture
  • .Net Architecture / .Net Framework
  • Introduction of .Net Classes
  • Class, Object & OOPS
  • Inheriteance & Interfaces
  • Exception Handling
  • File Handling & Streams
  • Window Forms
  • Creating Window Control
  • Designing Window Application
  • Data Validation
  • Threading
  • Network Programming
  • Client-Server Communication
  • SMTP Programming
  • Assembly
  • Window Services
  • SQL Server
  • Introduction to ADO.Net
  • Architecture of ADO.Net
  • .Net Data Providers
  • SQL Server Data Providers
  • OLE DB Data Providers
  • Dataset
  • Data Adapter
  • Command Builder
  • Command Class
  • Connection Class
  • Data Readers
  • Data Views
  • Managing Transactions
  • Deployment of .Net Application

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